The top priority of the VIKING HEROES FAMILY CHALLENGE is to hold together as a family until you will reach the finish line. So the cohesion of the family is to prove!

The starting signal for the families from at least three family members (mother, father, child, grandmother, aunt, etc.) will be given on Saturday, 28th of May, 2016 at 01:00 pm. Then you may proof yourself on the original obstacle course of the VIKING HEROES CHALLENGE. One round has to be completed together, therefore you have to follow the rule: at least one family member has to overcome the obstacle.

Even if there will be a timekeeping, it does not really matter. It is more about haveing fun altogether by running and enjoying the experience together as a family. Everyone involved is winning! Therefore there will not be an award ceremony for the participating families, but they will be entered into a prize draw for non-cash prizes by our race partners! It is worth staying! Additionally every participant will be rewarded with a great medal.

After the event all participating families have the possibility to print their individual certificate with their personal time