NEW in 2016: During the event on Saturday as well as on Sunday there will be a supervised JAKO-O Kids Corner for the little heroes!

Movement is life – life is movement
Movement is a basic need of human nature. Movement is extremely important for kids for growing physically, mentally, emotionally and socially healthy. A special area will be equipped with JAKO-O movement products. There the kinds can rage and play as much as they want. Rallye and competitions will be played under instruction of the JAKO-O hosts.

Creative action
Kids have a lot of fun in doing handicrafts with various materials from the assortment of JAKO-O. This helps the development of the brain. Every child can express its creativity with our handicraft work. Even moms and dads let themselves become inspired and potter around together with their children.

Glitter tattoos: Tukan

Glitter tattoos are a new type of body jewellery, a true jewel for all ages – glamorous – precious – colorful – luxurious. Lovely tattoos will be created easily and uncomplicated with a skin-friendly, special glue for glitter and the Tukan-template. These last for 3-7 days and longer. The kids can choose from 3 colours of glitter. It is extraordinary for the person who has it. Simple, waterproof and magically beautiful.

JAKO-O clever kids’ stuff

According to the slogan “Created by parents – made for kids” JAKO-O sells “clever kids’ stuff” since 1987. With a selected product range of children’s clothing, children’s room equipment, toys, pratical things as well as material to learn, read and tinker JAKO-O aims at young families with kids from 0 to 10 years. Therefore the focus is on precisely selected and well thought out products, which are fun and add value for the kids and their parents at the same time. Hence only products, which have passed the “Everyday-life-test” in families, will find their way into the brochure. Shortly: JAKO-O wants to make life easier, more beautiful and more relaxed for kids.