How much action do you dare to yourself?

The distance of the VIKING HEROES CHALLENGE is made of an approximately 5km lap with around 15 obstacles. You can choose which distance you dare to do. Every women and every men can participate who is no softie and has completed it’s 18th year by the time when the challenge starts.

1 lap - ca. 5 km + 15 obstacles

2 laps - ca. 10 km + 30 obstacles

3 laps - ca. 15 km + 45 obstacles

4 laps - ca. 20 km + 60 obstacles


At the LEDLENSER Night Run the original competition route will be run in darkness. The LEDLENSER test lamps provide the necessary light. Here, the competitive rivalry is not the focus, but rather to challenge the course by night. And the best thing is: The LEDLENSER Night Run is for free! On Saturday evening at 10 pm you will overcome the obstacles with LEDLENSER in the darkness!

Lone fighter or herd animal?


You are no lone fighter and do not want to join in on your own, but with your mates, friends or colleagues? So the team classification is exactly the right thing for you.

On each of the distances there is a separate team classification. To create a team you need a team captain, at least 3 fellow campaigners and a common team name which you can indicate on the team registration form. That is already everything you have to do! Please not that a team hast o start in the same distance, the distances can not be mixed within a team.

So animate your fellow campaigners and join in as a team!!