The VIKING Heroes Challenge is a trail running event taking place in St. Wendel on a trail circuit bulid there. The VIKING Heroes Challenge combines running and the artificially created nature in a unique way. At the event “everyone” will be able to get to know trail running and experienced trail runners will get the chance to discover a new side of their sport.

  1. RUNS

The VIKING Heroes Challenge consists of different races in two days. The individual races will start on:

  • Saturday, May 28,2016                                               VIKING Heroes Challenge (1,2 3 laps)
  • Sunday, May 29,2016                                                  VIKING Heroes Challenge (4 laps)

For each course you will receive a bib number with a transponder attached which will record your individual time. Participants will be able, during official practice hours, to test the course and their personal record.
The course will have about 5km, which has to be run one time, two times, three times or four times and there will be about 15 obstacles.

Subject to change, please read the latest Race-Info!

    There will be the following classification categories:
  • MEN

In the context of the awards ceremony, the winners of the day in their respective categories will receive a merchandise prize.

There also will be set special rankings which will be announced as soon as there will be some set. One of these special rankings will be the additional team ranking. You have to built a team of minimum three runners which use the same team name. The ranking will be set with the time of the three best runners of the team (for example: the team consists of 3 Men and 2 Women, the ranking will be set from the first two men and the first woman).

The team ranking exists in each of the distances short, middle and long distance. The teams starting in the team ranking can not combine different distances in one team.

    Each participant must attach his bib number and must be remain visible all the time. The start number is personalized and nontransferable. The start numbers may not be manipulated. The chip attached which will be received will be scanned before the start, at each checkpoint and at the finish line. Only those participants who have recognized and confirmed the disclaimer may start 2016 at VIKING Heroes Challenge. For individuals who run along or wear a bib number to another person without starting number, assumes no liability of the organizer.
    Electronic timing is done by chip which is attached to the backside of the start number and may not be removed! Should the chip get lost during the race or stop functioning properly please report this immediately to one of the judges. He will be able to issue a new transponder chip.
    The transponder carries a deposit of EUR 50. If the participant loses the transponder the deposit will be kept by the organizer.
    Upon return of the chip after the race the deposit will be refunded.

There are some checkpoints on the circuit that participants must pass. The time of a completed lap is recorded by the transponder; however, it is the responsibility of the participant to make sure he completes the right number of laps!

  1. START

Formation begins 15 minutes before the respective official starting time. There will be a single start and a team start, that means, at the VIKING Heroes Challenge will be a single start with personal starting times. The team start means, that all members of a team with the same team name will start together. Depending on the numbers of participants, the organizer can decide to start in groups at fixed starting times. Starting times are determined on site of the event and notices with details about them will be displayed at the race office or hanged near the start area. The starting formation is assumed in sequence of the start numbers.


In addition to skill, climbing, jumping and strength, of course, the speed is on the program. The route leads through the forest and uneven ground with any hidden obstacles such as roots and stones, which can also occur on the surface by the overflowing, softening and removing the earth. There is constant slipping and slipping. We point out that in overcoming the obstacles injuries from falls, twisting, tripping or slipping may occur. Further cause danger by participants who endanger other follower falls. Please adapt like your run speed to your run ability and visibility to the crowd at the track and the respective obstacles.
Due to the participants a completely open view is not always granted to the track. In this case, it is prohibited for the runners continued to run at full speed. A reduction of the running pace according to the road surface and the visibility must be maintained. If there will be potential water hazards, a slow start is to consider as possible to avoid cold shock.
For more information on the route and the obstacles there are to
The Race Director has the right at any time to change the course or during the race to close individual obstacles.

    In case of non-compliance of one or more of the obstacles the VIKING Heroes Challenge is classified as non-accomplished for the participant. The same applies for unfair and unsportsmanlike behavior on the course. The course marshals will announce the specific race numbers over the radio to the race director. The participants can continue on the course but will appear in the ranking list as “FAILED”. Course marshals at every obstacle will ensure a smooth and compliant process at the obstacles throughout the entire race.

The jury reserves the right to disqualify participants or issue time penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior or breaches of the rules and regulations.

In case of a qualification there will be no fee reimbursement by the organizer.

    Participants are not allowed to accept help from a third person (spectators, supporters, other participants) – during the race, except in emergency situations, injuries, or bad falls. It is acceptable, though, to receive food and beverages from assistants as well as medical help from the First Aid Team. Furthermore it´s not permitted to take any sticks during the race.
  • All participants have to obey the directives issued by helpers, the race and course director as well as all other course and stadium staff.
  • Each participant is obligated to exercise caution with due diligence at confusing or dangerous portions of the course. The race organizer reserves the right to designate high-risk sections where the specific directives apply, such that participants may not pass each other or that a reduction in walking/running speed and appropriate caution is appropriate. The organizer may place warning signs at such sections and may provide additional safety measures. There is, however, no obligation on the part of the organizer that such measures be taken.
  • Disposal of garbage, such as food wrappings, bottles, and beverage containers is prohibited anywhere except at the official feed zone where appropriate containers will be specifically provided.
  • It is expected that participants act in accordance with the principles of courtesy, sportsmanship and fair play.

Each participant has an opportunity to raise an objection in case of a perceived breach of the rules by other participants or to enter a caveat against decisions of the race and course director up to one hour after the finish time limit. Such objections have to be made in person in the race office and require the naming of (a) witness (es). A jury of three adjudicators (race and course director, the head of time keeping, event organizer) will consult on the issue of appeal on the same night and make a decision at the latest before the next morning’s start. All witnesses have to be present at the proceedings. The appeal fee is EUR 100. It will not be reimbursed if the appeal fails. The aforementioned contraventions, which may be reprimanded with time penalties or disqualification, provide only an incomplete rundown of other possible offenses that may be penalized.